Representing longshore employers, owners/operators, lines, and agents in the Port of Halifax.

Master Collective Agreement 2022-2025

Collective Agreement between Halifax Employers Association acting for and on behalf of its members, Steamship Companies and Agents employing labour, contracting Stevedores and Terminal
Operators handling vessels in the Port of Halifax, N.S. and The Council of I.L.A. Locals for the Port of Halifax for and on behalf of The Halifax Longshoremen’s Association, Local 269 ILA, Halifax Freight and Steamship Union, Local 1341 ILA, and Halifax Gear Repair and Maintenance Men, Local 1825 ILA

2022-2025 CA complete Master Agreement FINAL R1

2022-2025 CA Local 269 Booklet Final

2022-2025 CA Local 1341 Booklett FINAL

2022-2025 CA Local 1825 Booklet FINAL R1