Representing longshore employers, owners/operators, lines, and agents in the Port of Halifax.



Who should become Members?

Employers of labour represented by the I.L.A. Locals in the Port of Halifax and owners and/or operators and/or agents of vessels conducting business at the Port of Halifax, who do not currently employ a local agent who is already a member.

Corporations, partnerships, firms, associations and other bodies applying for membership must be incorporated or organized or licensed under or otherwise be governed by or subject to the laws of Canada or one of the Provinces of Canada.

Admission of prospective members shall be subject to the prior approval of the Board of Directors of the Halifax Employers Association. Approval of membership will be decided at the next Board of Directors meeting after receipt of application. The completed original application should be returned to this office as soon as possible.


Company Representatives

OfficialMembershipList Revised December 2020 Website

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HEA Articles of Association Revised 4 March 2022

Circular Letter No. 043 14 January 2022 Final